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Monday, October 30, 2006

Mercury in retrograde?

I would like to cordially invite Miss Mercury to bite my ass. Sideways. According to the information on the link posted above, this clusterphuk won't be over until December the 5th? Perfect. I schedule a yearly decline from December 10th through Febuary 2nd every year for purely personal reasons and now this? Mercury is seriously torquing my chi.

Before the Horrible Hollidays hit, I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to love one another just a little bit more this year. You just never know if that "I love you, honey!" will be the last time you get the opportunity to say that to someone. I really don't want "Fuck you, fuck you right in the ear!" to be the last thing you ever hear from me. (Unless you happen to be Mercury in Retrograde personified, in which case, fuck you twice).

I am thinking of lost opportunities. Letters unsent. Kindnesses not given. Assholery is alive and well in the world, but it just takes so much damn EFFORT on my part to work myself up into a good snit. While it occurs to me that I could, in fact, bitchslap you into the middle of next year, I choose instead to sit back and watch the universe have her way with you.
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