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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The light's on but nobody's home

My PreciousDarlingYardBoy has gone and gotten himself DirectTV. Around 150 channels or so. I will never hear from him again. His eyes were glazed as he sat there in his bigboy recliner, clutching the remote, switching channels just because he could and because they were THERE. He's thinking of getting TiVo as well.
That man makes me laugh. He also makes me glad I'm single. I could not deal with a remote clutching, eyes glazed over recliner sitting man longer than about 4 hours, max. Once again he has given me the opportunity to laugh my ass off at him and he cannot for the life of him understand why.
Remember the Eudora Welty library previously discussed? Yeah, that one. Cost me $18 bucks yesterday to pay overdue book fines. Damn damn damn. You'd think I'd learn by now to CALL 'em & extend the time limit, but noooooooooo. I never have and never will. I purely love this library. My nose starts to twitch everytime I walk in the door. I cannot believe that there are thousands upon thousands of books on the shelves and I could check out everydamn one of 'em if I wanted to. And they'd let me, go figure.
Feliz Navidad. Only 186 days until Christmas. ;-P
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