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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Do you believe in Karma?

I do. I absolutely do. I believe that one day I will be the person in charge of picking out the nursing home for my crabby, critical, disaffected, hateful, disloyal, faultfinding, jealous, hypocritical mother. THAT"S KARMA, BABY!!

So now I'm driving a 93 Mazda hoopty with elleventy million miles on the motor. A car that, if it cranks at all, I cannot possibly drive more than 60mph before it begins to shake. And rattle. And make noises I associate with someone having an exorcism. Minus the split-pea soup ordeal.

But at least I'm still employed. (knock wood). If I ever make enough $$ to afford a computer at home, I will fill you in on my employment woes. On another blog. One not accessible from work. I swear.
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