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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Jackson Survives Sweet Potato Queen Infestation!!

That's right. My little town was invaded by an infestation of Sweet Potato Queens and Wannabe's last weekend. I wonder if the pharmaceutical companies will come up with an antidote for that. They swarmed all over the place. Landed at Bravos! restaurant and took over for the day. Naturally Bravos! doubled the price of lunch just for them. Poor things don't know it's normally around $8 for lunch. They also overbooked Bravos!. Good thing the fire department wasn't called in.

They filled up our local Ho-tels and restaurants and alot of businessess reaped the benefits of their propensity for devouring food and alcohol units in vast quantities. Rock On Sweet Potato Queens!! We love to have y'all come visit and spend your money here. The newest improvement on the St. Paddy's Day Weekend was that the SPQ Ball, PJ's and Pearls and Afterglow got moved out of the beloved Hal & Mal's - thus freeing up space for locals. Our locals live here 24/7 - 365 and we deserve to party without tipping over a tipsy tiara wearing queen. Especially during the biggest party weekend Jackson has to offer.

Hope they continue to come back to our lovely oasis year after year. The almighty dollar is what it's really all about, after all.
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