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Friday, June 10, 2005

I think I broke him.

YardBoy, that is. Pulled a muscle in his tummy last night. (insert evil, but satisfied grin here). I really didn't mean to make him hurt himself and I really hope it's not a hernia. Will have to keep a vera close eye on that area to make sure, though. He is miffed, I think, that I was not properly and seriously concerned. Wonder what gave me away? Could it have been the hysterical laughing fit, maybe? Because I had to help him on with his underbritches because he couldn't stand up straight? Possibly.
He is off to visit his mother this weekend & generally hang out in his hometown. Hope he doesn't try to lift anything while he's there. I offered to take him to the Minor Med but he wasn't having any. Said he was allergic to needles. Well, aren't we all! Sheesh. Reminding myself to get him a heating pad in case of future "incidents".. lol.
Today is FRIDAY!! Which also means PAYDAY!! Lets see how fast I can make my check disappear, what with the water bill being due, light bill expected in the mail any minute and kitty litter to buy, new linoleum for the hallway and kitchen since a certain puppy WhoShallNotBeNamed is chewing everything in site that doesn't chew him back. Wonder if the vet can do a toof-ectomy?? Would serve him right. I am OVERUN with animals. 2 cats and 2 dogs in a tiny apartment and I can never keep it clean for long what with 16 little paws running around all damn day. I love 'em, but I hate mess, dirt, dust and animal odors. I think I'm fighting a losing battle here.
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