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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Jackson Survives Sweet Potato Queen Infestation!!

That's right. My little town was invaded by an infestation of Sweet Potato Queens and Wannabe's last weekend. I wonder if the pharmaceutical companies will come up with an antidote for that. They swarmed all over the place. Landed at Bravos! restaurant and took over for the day. Naturally Bravos! doubled the price of lunch just for them. Poor things don't know it's normally around $8 for lunch. They also overbooked Bravos!. Good thing the fire department wasn't called in.

They filled up our local Ho-tels and restaurants and alot of businessess reaped the benefits of their propensity for devouring food and alcohol units in vast quantities. Rock On Sweet Potato Queens!! We love to have y'all come visit and spend your money here. The newest improvement on the St. Paddy's Day Weekend was that the SPQ Ball, PJ's and Pearls and Afterglow got moved out of the beloved Hal & Mal's - thus freeing up space for locals. Our locals live here 24/7 - 365 and we deserve to party without tipping over a tipsy tiara wearing queen. Especially during the biggest party weekend Jackson has to offer.

Hope they continue to come back to our lovely oasis year after year. The almighty dollar is what it's really all about, after all.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Nobody said their first post was easy

I suspect this may be alot easier than writing in my diary (aren't I too old for a diary?).. we'll see. I am sooooo looking forward to this weekend. I have the luxury of having no children at home, no Significant Other at home.. only animals. I can deal with animals. It's the humans that tend to give me trouble. Since I am not currently afflicted with a mother in law (and their devil's spawn), I have a great deal of time now to spend in any way I please. I can do anything I want, or nothing at all, depending on the mood I'm in when I wake up. Of course, I have to go to that soul crushing job everydamnday from 8 to 5, but still, that leaves nights and weekends free.
I live in Jackson, Mississippi, and currently there's nothing going on. Absolutely nothing. It's so bad, the weathermen spend 15 minutes explaining how the weather isn't going to be doing much of anything for the next few days, but, OH! lets look at this map 17 different ways, whynot.
Our great and wonderful Dock (local watering hole) has been demolished to make way for yet more ugly urban sprawl. People cried when it was razed. Really. Every city has a Dock. Eventually it gets run down, forgotten about, sadly faded. People don't remember how much they love it or how they spent their college years drunk behind the bar until someone comes along and buys the place and proceeds to tear it down. THEN the tears start flowing. People flock to the site in an effort to scavenge (legally purchase, if caught scavenging) bits of scrap metal and window frames from what is left of some of the best years of our lives (if we could only remember them).
Unfortunately for me, the "best" years of my life were spent married to an asshole. 3 of them, in fact. I think I've done my part, now it's someone else's turn to walk down that isle, or into that judge's chamber, promising to love, honor and OBEY until death (or dismemberment) do you part. On the whole, I think I would have preferred widowhood to being a divorcee. Nobody asks a divorcee if they're hungry, and can they bring them a lil casserole of carbs to snack on. Noooooo... a divorcee is forced to fend for herself at her local Winn Jitney (grocery store, for the uninformed).. trying to decide if she should thump that melon or throw it at someone's head.
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